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Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year A) 10th May 2020

Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year A) 10th May 2020



Sun 10th May

10 am People of the Parish

Mon 11th May Easter Feria

10 am Eamonn and Annie Joyce, intentions

Tues 12th May St Pancras, martyr

10 am Nancy O’Shaughnessy, RIP

Weds 13th May Our Lady of Fatima

10 am Martin Corcoran, RIP

Thurs 14th May St Matthias

10 am Sharon Byrne, RIP

Fri 15th May Easter Feria

10 am Mary Cronin, RIP

Sat 16th May Easter Feria

10 am Sharon Byrne, RIP

Please pray for the sick and those who care for them, today especially for the frail elderly and for those who work as carers.

Baptisms, Sacrament of Marriage and Funerals.

Fr Peter writes: Sadly baptisms and the Sacrament of Matrimony will be deferred until such time that the public health advice is that congregations can gather safely. Funerals will now take place at the graveside or at a crematorium, subject to the conditions laid down by the cemetery or crematorium authorities. Mass will be celebrated in memoriam when we are allowed to gather. We must keep in prayerful solidarity those who are grieving the loss of a loved one at this difficult time and offer as much support as we can.

Saturday Evening & Sunday Mass Intentions:

Fr Peter writes: As public Masses cannot be celebrated at this time, it is generally no longer appropriate for priests to celebrate Mass more than once a day, including on Sundays. This will mean that all Saturday evening and Sunday Masses which were to be celebrated for a special intention will now not be celebrated. Instead I will celebrate one Sunday Mass at 10am for the “People of the Parish”. If you have arranged for an intention for a Sunday Mass, I will defer this to the first available weekday Mass. I totally understand your disappointment, and if you would prefer to send your Mass intention to a missionary or enclosed community, let me know and I will arrange a refund.

How to see St Mary’s 10am Daily Mass.

Fr Peter writes: With the excellent assistance of Peter (a talented young man in the parish) and Holly you will be able to see me celebrate a daily 10am Mass in the Church via Please let others know of this website -every day at 10am. We are working on the sound quality – hopefully will improve – but please turn up your volumes or wear headphones.

Do not forget…

Fr Peter writes: Even though you cannot come to church, I can still light a candle for your intentions. If you would like me to place a lighted candle underneath the statue of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady or St Anthony, please give me a call, or leave a message, and I will do so before the daily 10am Mass.

UK Mutual Aid

We connect volunteers to those needing assistance while self-isolating during covid-19.To request help leave us a message: 020 31 377 488. We have volunteers in Barnet. We are good at Picking up Shopping • Sending Post or providing useful information • or just a friendly chat.

Lockdown & the Foodbank

Fr Peter writes We must wait patiently to hear the governments measures to relax lockdown. For some it might be a welcome relief, and others a cause of anxiety. The week ahead might be a good excuse to have an extra-long telephone chat with each other and those we deem vulnerable to see how they are feeling about the prospect of lockdown measures changing. Let us be sensitive and understanding to those who fear the next few weeks, and keep in our prayers those whose livelihoods will be influenced by Sundays decisions.

A likely provision for all of us, is the wearing of masks (perhaps for public transport and supermarkets). Doing a quick price check, I have noticed that some ordinary surgical masks are fairly expensive – and most likely out of the range for the vulnerable using the foodbank or needing the SVP. I might be premature – but I would be grateful if you could donate any spare new packaged masks along with your wonderful donations to the foodbank. If masks are going to be compulsory, the vulnerable will be unlikely to afford them and I can give them to the foodbank and to the SVP. If my judgement is wrong, then any new packaged masks you donate, I will forward to the NHS and the North London Hospice.

If you are donating to the Foodbank, please come before 6pm to the presbytery.


We are currently continuing with our Admissions timetable as set out for entry September 2021 and the same deadlines apply. Please check our website for the updated information and forms on changes that have been implemented due to social distancing restrictions. Completed applications can be submitted electronically to

​Any changes required to reflect Government direction with lockdown will be announced on the school website. Please check periodically to stay up to date.


Pope Francis invites us, this Thursday 14th May, to join with believers of all religions and people of goodwill in a Day of Prayer, Fasting and Works of Charity.

The Holy Father calls us to unite ourselves to an initiative which comes from the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity. Cardinal Miguel Ayuso Guixot, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, communicates Pope Francis’s wish in a letter dated 6th May suggesting it is an opportunity to “witness to the greatness of faith in God that unites divided hearts and elevates the human soul.”


Fr Peter writes: A lot of you have emailed patterns for making facemasks – here is one site which you may find useful.

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