The Authority of Love

In the gospel today, we hear that Jesus impressed his listeners, because ‘he taught them with authority’ (Mark 1.22). This was the authority not of power but of love. It was the authority not of force but of integrity. The nature of the man shone through him, and was a sign that here and now God was doing a wonderful thing. This authority that shone through him would lead those who followed him to see the world in a new light. This is the clue to the exorcism which immediately follows. There is a common sense point here: Jesus must time carefully the revelation that he is the long-awaited Messiah, the Holy One from God and of God. This is too important and too sensitive a matter to be

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

Bible Study Group Fr Terry would like to organise a Bible Study group on The Grange estate during Lent. If you live there and would like to attend, do let him know. It would be a weekly evening meeting. Also let him know if you would like to host the meeting in your flat. Today: INCENSED Youth Group Meet us in the community room (Fr Terry’s house) after 10 am Mass this Sunday (28th) for our Emoji Faith Project. New joiners welcome, ages 10+. Contact: Sandra, Supporting Local Refugees: - Eggs Please! Please help us support the local drop-in centre for destitute refugees and asylum seekers by bring 6 or more hard-boiled eggs to church next Sunday, 4th February. Co

Repent and Believe the Good News

The second reading today is from St Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (7.29-31) is seems rather gloomy at first glance. In fact, you wonder how we can possibly say, ‘Thanks be to God' after it. Let's understand the context. Paul was convinced that end of time was imminent, and so was the return of the triumphant Christ. So he was advising people prepare to hear the last trumpet, prepare for the end of all things on earth, prepare to meet the Lord. Later on St Paul came to realise that the Second Coming was not imminent: that God wanted to give humankind time to grow and multiply and for the Church to spread. So what is the message of this reading for today? If we take St Paul too litera

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

Wedding Ask God’s blessing on Nelson Cardoz and Reba D’Souza who were married here yesterday (Saturday 20th January). Funeral – Annette O’Gorman Annette O’Gorman sadly passed away last week. Her funeral will be held here at St Mary’s on Monday 29th January at 11.30 am, followed by a committal at Marylebone Crematorium. May she rest in peace. Funeral: Agnes Lauder The funeral of the late Agnes Lauder will be Monday 21st January at 1.15 pm at Islington Crematorium. May she rest in peace. Break-in Outcome Congratulations to the Metropolitan Police who swiftly identified the culprit with the aid of footage from our CCTV cameras. He pleaded guilty and was fined £200. As he was out on licence fr

Domestic Spirituality

There is a bluntness about our second reading today (1 Cor. 6.13-15, 17-20) that comes as rather a shock to our easy-going age. I can imagine many people around us thinking that it is hopelessly unrealistic. However, remember two things. First, recall that this advice is given in the 1st century AD in the middle of the Roman Empire. Now that empire was a hard and sometimes cruel affair. If you were a slave you were open to exploitation of the worst sort. This advice, this bracing call to sexual discipline from St Paul, ran counter to a good deal of the customs of his day. Second, remember that Christianity grew and grew and grew. Its growth was so rapid that it rattled the authorities. Clear

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

First Communion 2018 We welcome 31 children who are joining our First Communion group 2018 and starting their preparation for the Sacrament this Sunday (today January 14th). Please keep the children in your prayers. Peace Sunday Our opening prayer asks God to bestow peace on our times. We heartily say: ‘Amen!’ Today is Peace Sunday each year. It is reflected in our bidding prayers. We are also encouraged to assist the work Pax Christi. Rather than have another collection Fr Terry has sent them a donation of £150 on behalf of the parish. Senior Citizens’ Lunch – 28th January 2018 The senior citizens lunch will be on Sunday 28th January, starting 1pm in the parish centre. Music will be provid


The glory of the Lord is rising on you. That is what we hear from the prophet Isaiah. Can it mean us? We doubt that we could receive such a great honour. Yet I think of the vast multitudes of people across the earth who, deep down show a quiet glory. People who love their families. People who strive to make a living or shape a career. People who yearn for education, for dignity, for freedom. People who hope and dream and pray. Because to be human is also to wonder sometimes whether there is ‘more’ to life. I think too of the older people, who are quietly aware that the curtain of death draws nearer and who wonder what lies beyond that curtain. All of us in different ways are seekers. On us

The Epiphany of The Lord (Year B)

First Communion 2018 Our First Communion children start their preparation at 9 am on Sunday 14th January in the parish centre. Wishing them and all their families a blessed Christmas. RCIA Are you not Catholic and wondering whether to take the step of joining the Catholic Church? Or are you an adult and wanting to be confirmed? If so let Fr Terry know. Senior Citizens’ Lunch – 28th January 2018 The senior citizens lunch will be on Sunday 28th January, starting 1pm in the parish centre. Music will be provided by Billy Faughnan & Michael O' Hare. Please put your name down on list in the church porch. Supporting Local Refugees: Eggs Please! Our donated hard-boiled eggs have made a big differen

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