Valuing the Wisdom that Comes with Age

Father Terry writes: Old age has a bad press in the UK. It becomes the source of endless jokes. It spawned comedies like One Foot in the Grave. Even Dad’s Army relied too much on jokes about incompetent of older people. And don’t get me started on Father Ted. The old are frequently shown as foolish, as blundering from one mishap to another. This mockery is so much at odds with the picture of older people in other cultures. In many other countries senior citizens are treated as truly senior citizens, who have acquired a lifetime’s experience and the wisdom of maturity. Today’s first reading is a wonderful song of praise about wisdom. I never address myself directly to the older people in c

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 14th October 2018

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 13th Oct 6 pm Vigil Mass People of the Parish Sun 14th Oct 8.30 am Carmela Pignataro, RIP 10 am Luigi Oglina, anniversary 12 noon Mary O’Connor, intentions Mon 15th Oct St Teresa of Jesus (Teresa of Avila) 10 am Séan Howley, intentions Tue 16th Oct 10 am Sylvia Barnachea and family, thanksgiving Wed 17th Oct St Ignatius of Antioch 10 am Martin Brennan, intentions Thurs 18th Oct St Luke


The readings this weekend are both challenging and beautiful at the same time, and it is important that we hold them together. In Genesis 2.18-24 we get one of the creation stories. The man beholds the woman and exclaims that she is bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh. The point is to underscore the deep unity of the two, a unity so deep that in marriage the two become one. The language of flesh and bone expresses this beautifully: they form one life together, they depend upon each other, they feel through each other. And this, surely, is true marriage. Where it works, the two individuals who enter into it are irrevocably changed. In this sense what is done cannot be undone. Hence the sta

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 7th October 2018

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 6th Oct 6 pm Vigil Mass Edward Dooley, anniversary Sun 7th Oct 8.30 am Mary Doherty, intentions 10 am Teresa Harrison, anniversary 12 noon Philippa Knox, anniversary Mon 8th Oct 10 am Sister Avis, intentions Tue 9th Oct Blessed John Henry Newman 10 am Intentions of the Secular Clergy Common Fund Wed 10th Oct 10 am Tom Lobo, RIP Thurs 11th Oct 10 am For the foundation benefactors of the


Here is a story about myself that I tell with shame. I was on holiday in the Netherlands a long time ago when I was young. I had very little money and I was hitchhiking. I visited the city of Haarlem to see the Frans Hals Museum. I bought a lunch from a shop and as I left realised that the assistant had given me far too much change. I wrestled with my conscience briefly. He might get into trouble at the end of the day when they were cashing up; I ought to return the money. But I had so little money myself. So I decided to keep the money and not go back into the shop. But my conscience felt bad and I could not help feeling that somehow God had a lesson for me. Anyway I enjoyed the rest of the

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 30th September 2018

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 29th Sept 6 pm Vigil Mass Joan O’Sullivan, RIP Sun 30th Sept 8.30 am Revd D. Anderson, intns 10 am Anna Maria Adobatti, intns 12 noon Mary O’Malley, RIP Mon 1st Oct St Thérèse of Lisieux 10 am Daniel Navalta, intns Tue 2nd Oct Holy Guardian Angels 10 am May Brennan, intns Wed 3rd Oct 10 am Martin Brennan, intns Thurs 4th Oct St Francis of Assisi 10 am

The antidote to self-centredness

Fr Terry writes: The Letter of St James is unusual. It mixes shrewd advice and social commentary in a way that really speaks to our times. In today's extract from James we find an extended meditation on the power of peacemaking and the roots of aggression. About aggression, the letter of James is quite blunt: it comes from our desire to have more. And more again. There is much here for us to ponder. Western culture and Western economies are built upon this desire. Since the downturn in the world economy we read that consumers have lost confidence, and they are buying less. Similarly Brexit is said to have stifled consumer-led economic growth. Once we buy more (we are told) the econ

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 23rd September 2018

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 22nd Sept 6 pm Vigil Mass Nancy O’Shaughnessy, intentions Sun 23rd Sept 8.30 am Atty Benjamin Dadios, RIP 10 am Benny Fitzimons, anniv 12 noon People of the Parish Mon 24th Sept Our Lady of Walsingham 10 am Mossy King, RIP Tue 25th Sept 10 am Marie Bloom, intns Wed 26th Sept 10 am Sylvia Barnachea and family, intns Thurs 27th Sept St Vincent de Paul 10 am Maureen Dargan, intn

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