Fr Terry writes: Because the gospel today (John 13.31-35) is about love, and is very short, we might not notice something about it that is rather odd. We hear Jesus speak movingly about love. He places love as central commandment that should characterise the lives of his followers. And yet – here is the strange thing – this commandment comes immediately after a betrayal, for our gospel passage opens with the words: ‘When Judas had gone …’ In fact, only a few verses earlier (v 21) Jesus tells the disciples: ‘One of you will betray me.’ When Judas had gone ….This tells us that Jesus knew that the end was approaching, and that it would not be pleasant. Think of it. A disciple from his own c

Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year C) 19th May 2019

MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 18th May 6.00 pm Vigil Patsy De Souza, RIP Sun 19th May 8.30 am People of the Parish 10 am Neil Denning, intentions 12 noon Michael O’Gara, RIP Mon 20th May 10 am Margaret Sheehan, RIP Tue 21st May 10 am Funeral Mass of Suresh Satkunarajan Wed 22nd May 10 am Tom Lobo, RIP Thu 23rd May 10 am Deborah Longford-Ross, intentions Fri 24th May 10 am Michael O’Gara, RIP Sat 25th May St Bede the Venerable 10 am Patsy De Souza, RIP Confession: Saturday 10.30 am and 5.30 pm Exposition and B

A quiet breakfast with Jesus

Fr Terry writes: Do you remember two of the other major events that took place on the shores of the Sea of Galilee? One turning-point occurred when Jesus called Peter, James and John. ‘Come with me and I will make you fishers of men.’ Now, three years later, they have been literally fishing, and have found their nets are full to bursting-point, a sign of the great harvest of souls that lies ahead. Another turning-point by that sea came when Jesus asked the disciples, ‘Who do you say I am?’ It was Simon Peter who said ‘You are the Christ.’ The dawning realisation that this was the Messiah would lead these humble fisherman forward into a life they could never have dreamed of, with their mes

Third Sunday of Easter (Year C) 5th May 2019

Third Sunday of Easter (Year C) 5th May 2019 MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS Sat 4th May 6.00 pm Vigil Philip McGovern RIP Sun 5th May 8.30 am Catherine Otto, IP 10 am Clifford D’Costa RIP 12 noon People of the parish Mon 6th May 12 Joseph Brohan, RIP Tue 7th May 10 am Agnes O’Boy, RIP Wed 8th May 10 am Tom Lobo, RIP Thu 9th May 10 am

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