April 4, 2018

30 children and their families came out on Easter Monday for our annual young people's Easter afternoon. They went on a picture hunt around the car park and parish gardens to find that Jesus promises EVERLASTING LIFE at Easter and honed their skateboarding skills with the team from Skates & Ladders. After a rainy start even the sun was smiling at the end!

June 13, 2017


My saint's name is Anthony. I chose this name because, despite enduring many hardships, St Anthony continued with just as strong a faith.


My saint's name is Veronica. I chose this name because she helped people no matter the consequence. She did this because of how much love she had in her heart and how kind she was.


My saint's name is Christina. I chose this name because St Christina was a faithful woman who stuck with her faith throughout everything.


My saint's name is Alban. I chose this name because St Alban died for his faith, and this shows me that you should always be brave and stand up for your religion.


My saint's name is Francis. I chose this name because St Francis cared for everyone in the world with all his love, and I want to show my love to the world.


My saint's name is Elizabeth Ann Seton. I chose this name because St Elizabeth Ann Seton was very kind to others and helped a lot of people. She set up charities for people who needed them,...

May 28, 2017

Our Incensed youth group competed against each other in a half term Olympiad today. Their poems were so beautiful, we'd like to share them with you.


Be thankful St Mary's

For the great Father Terry

He gives us joy

makes us merry

Sandra Lipner helpful for the youth

Altar servers learn the truth

The truth about God

The truth about good

A community parish

Together as One

Be collective

But still having fun

Incensed is where we are

Being resourceful

And travelling afar

Having fun

Games and laughter

St Mary's - who we are


Father Terry

A priest of St Mary's

There for us all the time

Happy times

Every Sunday you make our day

Respect what he teaches


Every Sunday for

Religious times

Respond to our calls for help

You are responsible for your faith


St Mary's

A wonderful church

It is where you praise God

Where we listen to the Word of God

Our wonderful priest

Father Terry

He is excellent

And very merry

He binds the community together

He's alw...

March 1, 2017

Welcome to Lent 2017 at St Mary’s. During Lent we spend time with God and learn more about Him. Here is a challenge for you that is going to take you deeper into your faith.

Every Sunday in church, we hear stories from the Bible. During children’s liturgy, we hear stories about the life of Jesus and we also know many Old Testament stories. We know who Adam and Eve were, we have heard the story of Noah and the flood many times. We know about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac. About Joseph and his multi-coloured coat.

How Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. And how Jonah got swallowed by a fish.

But do you know who Cain and Abel were? What names Isaac gave to his twin boys? Whom Esther married? Why Solomon is famous? And, most important of all, whom the prophets of the Old Testament were talking about when they predicted the coming of the Messiah?

Take our Old Testament Quiz and find out the answers to these questions and more. Download a copy of the quiz from our website and return your answers...

October 17, 2016

Prayers written by children of our parish as part of our inclusive Mass this weekend.

Many thanks to all who took part and read, sang, acted, prayed and played during and after the Mass.

Dear Lord,

Please watch over the Syrian refugees, and I pray that you will watch over them and keep them safe. I also pray that you will watch over my family, keep them safe and guide them through the hard choices in life.


Ciara, 11

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my mum and family and watch over the Syrian refugees that they are okay. I pray that I will have a good life with my friends and family. guide me and my family and friends.


Blathnaid ,8

Dear God,

Please bless my family and friends.

Please bless the Syrian refugees and keep them safe.


Ashoka, 6

Dear God,

Please help my parents and give them hope and courage for what they are about to face in life. They have been having some difficulties helping their relatives and coping with their work at the same time. It would be really helpful if you can help...

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