August 30, 2018

 The Israelite people had conquered Canaan.  It was to become their own territory.  Warfare is one thing.  Building up a strong, stable society is quite another.  This was the task facing the Israelite people.  Their leader Joshua was now old – he died, we are told, aged 110.  Now in his old age he found himself wondering if this people was capable of building a godly society in which each person could flourish.  For that matter, would they be faithful to God who had revealed himself by freeing them from slavery and leading them through the desert?  Or, as they settled down into prosperity, would they relapse into idolatry and selfishness?  So Joshua does two things.  First of all he makes sure that each tribe is clear about its allotted territory.  This is to minimise the rivalry and covetousness which land allocation can create.  This done, he summons them to Shechem, which was a central shrine known and respected by all the tribes....

August 30, 2018

Confession: Saturday 10.30 am and 5.30 pm

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction: Thursday 10.30 am,

Saturday at 5.30 pm

Pray for the sick esp. Eddie Caddle, Carmel Bates, Cathy Walker, Finola Hickey, Bridget O’Donnell, Kelly-Marie O’Donnell, Simon O’Donnell, and Mary Myles.

Parish Collection: Last week’s collection came to £ 1147.41.

Many thanks. 



Ask God’s blessing on Orrieso Agbareh and Layla Adela who were married here yesterday 25th September.


Ask God’s blessing on Bridget Abad and Lizarae Ordoyo who were baptised here on Saturday 11th August.

Crucifix to be taken away for repairs

The beautiful carved wooden crucifix in the car park has suffered in the recent hot weather. There is a large crack where a piece of wood has fallen out, and the felt covering of the roof has melted and pooled. In the middle of September it will be taken away for repair and restoration.

Bank Holiday Mo...

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