December 12, 2018

Father Terry writes:     

To stand at the remaining wall of the Temple in Jerusalem and observe is to be astonished at the variety of Jews who come to pray.  Bukhara Jews from Central Asia with embroidered hats.  Hasidic Jews from Eastern Europe (or Stoke Newington) in furred hats despite torrid heat.  Californians in baseball caps.  Indians from Bombay. Argentinians from Buenos Aires.  Judaism is a more international religion than many Christians realise.  Some 2000 years ago the writer of the book of Baruch rejoiced in this diversity, and prophesied that Jerusalem would be a sign to the world.  We hear in the first reading:  ‘See your sons reassembled from west and east’.  A new freedom and fulfilment would come, like those set free from captivity in Babylon.

We inherit this prophecy and apply it to the Church.  We have become, as it were, a Jerusalem, a city that stretches across the earth and across time itself.  In this invisibl...

December 12, 2018

Second Sunday of Advent (Year C ) 9th December 2018


                Sat 8th Dec                         

                6 pm Vigil Mass                 Nancy O’Shaughnessy, intentions

                Sun 9th Dec                        

8.30 am                                 People of the Parish...

December 5, 2018

When I looked at the readings for this Sunday there was a word that seemed to me to emerge from each of the readings. It was a word that surprised me: integrity.

Our first reading from Jeremiah looks forward to the Messiah. We know that it would be more than 60 years before the prophetic words of Jeremiah would be fulfilled by the coming of Christ. But still, the prophet is looking forward, eagerly, to that day. The Messiah, he says, will be the embodiment of honesty and integrity. So much so, in fact, that integrity will spread throughout the land under his influence. Jeremiah lived in troubling times, with clashes between the great powers and a royal court that seemed oblivious to what went on in the lives of ordinary people. Yet he did not become cynical and disillusioned. He continued to believe in the power of God calling people to integrity. There’s a message to us here today.

Then our second reading from the first letter to the Church in Thessalonika gives us a prayer of St Paul....

December 5, 2018

First Sunday of Advent (Year C ) 2nd December 2018


                Sat 1st Dec                          

                6 pm Vigil Mass                 Ken and Joyce Wojcik, RIP

                Sun 2nd Dec                       

8.30 am                                 Bailey/Kassa family, anniversary...

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