February 2, 2019

Fr Terry writes: 

      A certain amount of scepticism in life is a good thing.  It allows us to test claims and to sift the true from the false.  It prevents us from being deceived.  But of course, it can go too far.  You have probably met people whose scepticism is excessive.  They question everything and have a distressing tendency towards mockery and scorn.  They find it difficult to trust .  The in the synagogue at Nazareth in today’s gospel reading (Luke 4.21-30) is an incident where scepticism has overbalanced.  Jesus has just explained a passage from scripture in an enlightening way, making it apply to the present.  Initially his words are regarded as gracious, but this quickly becomes mockery:  ‘Who are you to preach to us?’ they ask.  ‘We know this man.  He comes from a working-class family.  Who is he to talk to us of sublime and holy things?’ 

     When I read this passage it seems to sp...

February 2, 2019

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 3rd February 2019


                Sat 2nd Feb        

                6.00 pm Vigil       Christine Cunningham, RIP

                Sun 3rd Feb        

8.30 am                 Christine Cunningham, RIP

10 am                    Agnes O’Boy, RIP

12 noon                 People of the Parish

                Mon 4th Feb       The blessing of St Blaise for throats will be given after Mass today...

February 2, 2019

Father Terry writes:     

Ask yourself:  why did St Paul tell the people of Corinth to remember the body, and the dependence of the parts on each other?  The answer is that they were a quarrelsome people.  They had factions, with leaders, and the different factions tended to stress their own point of view, their own interests, and to try to dominate the others.  It made for tension and unhappiness.  Hence his reminder:  we need each other.  But they sometimes forgot this, as we all do, 2000 years later.

It’s a reminder first of all about humility.  We might think of ourselves as people who make decisions, who stride through life, who achieve great things.  Well, perhaps we do.  Even the most ordinary person likes to have achievements.  But everything we achieve in fact will have depended on other people making things possible for us.  Your parents made sacrifices for your education. Or a teacher noticed your potential. Or an employer decided t...

February 2, 2019

Third Sunday (Year C ) 27th January 2019


                Sat 26th Jan                       

                6 pm Vigil Mass                 Angela Brennan, intentions              

                Sun 27th Jan                      

8.30 am                                 Bruno Acuti, 30th anniversary...

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