December 2, 2017

Each Advent we place ourselves in the position of people who are waiting for the coming of the Lord.  When you think of it, it is a rather strange thing to do.  After all, Christ has been among us in human flesh.  God has been revealed in and through him.  Moreover, Christ is with us still, not least in the sacraments and in the hearts of all believers.  So why this season of waiting?

First of all, waiting helps us to prepare.  Imaging preparing for a much-loved visitor from overseas.  You would plan special food, you might organise excursions, you would spring-clean the accommodation.  In all of these things you would also be preparing psychologically.  So, too, with Advent, as we await Christ we prepare.  At the very least, it teaches us not to take Christ for granted.  It urges us to make our lives and our homes places where Christ will be welcome.

Second, we recall the repeated words of Jesus in today’s gospel, Mark 13.33-37:  ‘Stay awake....

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