November 26, 2017

The ancient Hebrew people had a very strong sense of the king as the one who determined the health of the nation.  If the king was corrupt and cruel then the nation would suffer at his hands, and officials beneath him would be corrupt themselves.  If the king fulfilled his role in dispensing justice and in protecting the widow and the orphan, then the nation as a whole would benefit.  Not only would the vulnerable be protected but the administration would be conducted with integrity.  Everyone would benefit.  We do not have to look to ancient kingdoms to find that same truth in our own times.  Those who run big corporations today carry enormous power and influence.  If they run their businesses fairly then the managers beneath them take their cue from this and the whole institution is the better for it.

When we celebrate Christ the King we have to remember that he is the one who guarantees the integrity of the Church. Christ is very much a present king, who...

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