October 16, 2016

It always sad when people use the name of God to justify war.  It seems that for centuries people have been justifying war by saying that God is on their side.  I believe that in the last war, the belt of a German soldier carried the words on the buckle Gott mit uns – God with us.  Bearing this in mind, I read Exodus 17.8-13 with mixed feelings.  Moses with his arms being held up so that he can continue interceding for his people is a beautiful image of prayer.  At the same time, it is intercession for a military victory and the end result is victory for Moses’s people and defeat for their enemies.  Perhaps we can return to the thought of God with us. It does not mean that God blesses everything we do. It does mean there is no time or no place where we are without God.  To remember this might challenge us to exercise all our powers with more discretion and compassion. We must stand up for what is right, and seek to overturn that which is wrong, but we do so remembering the example that...

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