St Mary’s Catholic Church, East Finchley


Welcome to our parish website!


Saint Mary's is a Roman Catholic parish in East Finchley, North London. 


Parish Priest: Fr Peter-Michael Scott

Mass Times at St Mary’s

Monday -

Tuesday -

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Saturday -

Sunday -

10am (also streamed)

To join us for live-streamed Masses please click here:

Attending Mass at St Mary’s

Please note the following:

• You do not need to book your attendance for Mass at St Mary’s

• However – please give the steward your name and telephone number written on a piece of paper. You will need to provide this at every mass you attend.

• First come, First Served – those who come early are certain of a seat –if you arrive just before Mass, St Mary’s could be full to capacity (60 at each sitting) and you will have to attend another service in the week.

• Remember – any Mass will serve as a Sunday!

•You must wear a face mask at all Masses

• Please do not come to Mass if you are in the vulnerable category and shielding at home.

• Please do not come to Mass if you are feeling unwell.

• Please remember to alcohol gel your hands when you enter and leave the church.

• You must leave two seats empty between you or your family group and the next parishioner.

• The 10am Sunday Mass will continue to be streamed live on

Donations to our parish:


Aside from closing St Mary’s, “lockdown” has had a marked effect on our parish offertory collection and therefore our finances. We are not alone, families, businesses and all manner of different institutions are in the same position. The increase in those using our parish foodbank indicates clearly how the very vulnerable are also suffering. I do not want to put any extra burden on your shoulders, but if you were able to continue to financially support the parish I would be very grateful. Your offertory collection contributes to the running of the presbytery, church, parish centre and non-clergy salaries. Please click here for more details:


St. Mary's is home to Finchley Foodbank

Every Saturday 12 noon - 1:30 pm St Mary's Parish Centre