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4th Sunday of Easter 21.04.2024


Sun 21st Apr​​

​8.30am​​​ Peter Kinsler, RIP

10am​​​ Sean Duffy, RIP

​12 noon​​​ Gino Tomei, 2nd anniversary


​Mon 22nd Apr         ​Easter Feria

10am           ​David and Eileen Scott, RIP


Tues 23rd Apr           St George, Martyr, Patron of England

10am             ​Gino Tomei, RIP

Weds 24th  Apr​ NO MASS

Thurs 25th  Apr        ​Saint Mark, Evangelist

10am​ Lillian Murphy, RIP


​Fri 26th Apr​           ​Easter Feria

10am​ Martin Brennan, 3rd anniversary​


Sat 27th Apr​Fifth Sunday of Easter

5pm              Ted McQuilkin, 3rd anniversary


Saturday 10 am – 11am; 4.30pm – 5pm: Confessions and Exposition

Your Prayers:

Let us keep in our prayers: Agnes Day, Margaret Ryan, King Charles III, the Princess of Wales and all those suffering from cancer,  Michael O’Boy, Christina Cahill, Eric Nicholas Darwent,  Therese Kemp, Bina, Noel, Jose Luis Pérez, Karina McKiernan, Jonathan Heller and Izabela Lissowska – all unwell at this time.

We also pray for: Alice Bree, Noel Ohero,  Kwok Chui Tsui, Yuen Kuen Tsui, Bill McCleary, Fr Michael Daly, Rodolfo Icban, Marjorie Reid, Luis Goncalves, Sean Duffy, Iride Villa, John O Shea, Raffaella Di Trolio, Mercedes Bahillo, Amber Wood, Eileen Sweeney, Arcangela Moretto and Gino Tomei whose anniversaries occur at this time or have died recently. May they Rest in Peace.

Offertory Collections

The offertory collection for the week ending 14th April was £645.14. Contactless offertory collection for week ending 14th April was £129.78.

Standing Orders for Jan 2024 came to £3,394, Feb 2024 = £3,102.00 and March = £3,114.00.  Stripe Donations for Jan 2024 came to £9.80, Feb 2024 = £9.80 and March 2024 = £9.80.  Online donations for January 2024 came to £85.00, Feb 2024 = £25.00 and March 2024 = £30.00. Many many thanks for your generosity.


The Men’s Group:

The Men’s Group will meet on Saturday 4th May at 9am in the presbytery. Please bring something for breakfast to share. All parish men are welcome.


Update on Finchley Foodbank

Finchley Foodbank, founded in 2013 as an ecumenical project of St Mary's Church and other local churches and organisations, transitioned to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in September 2022. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to St Mary’s parishioners for your steadfast support throughout our 11-year journey. We provide approximately three days of emergency food for people living in financial hardship in the London Borough of Barnet. This is done through two weekly sessions at the parish centre. In addition, we offer support through advisory services, a monthly newsletter and assistance in enhancing digital literacy skills. At present, our outreach encompasses 250 households weekly. Clients are interviewed when registering with us in order to ascertain their needs and are required to provide a letter/bill/statement, dated not more than three months from registration date, showing their name and address. We operate on a basis of trust, a principle rooted in the legacy of St Mary’s former parish priest. Our dedicated team of over 195 volunteers embodies the rich diversity of our local East Finchleycommunity. We are incredibly fortunate to have individuals generously offering their time, expertise and talents. “Thank you very much for helping people who don’t have food by giving food. And using your time to make sure everybody has food. I will try to help by not wasting my food and donating food for the foodbank.”  Client Aged 9

More information about FFB and the results of a recent client survey are available at

Fr Peter; D Oyewole; H Pugh and H Doran - Trustees of Finchley Foodbank


Please pray for…

Congratulations to Charlie and Samantha who had their marriage convalidated on Saturday!

Priests’ Training Fund – Second Collection

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday and our second collection will support the Priest Training Fund.  This fund pays for priestly formation of men for the Catholic priesthood.  There are currently 49 men studying at Allen Hall seminary, 13 of whom are from our Dioceses.  We also have one seminarian in Valladolid and one at the Beda, presently on pastoral placement in Ruislip.  There are also two on a propaedeutic year at Redemptoris Mater.  Last year 3 deacons were ordained for Westminster Diocese.  The Priest Training Fund also supports the ongoing enrichment and formation of our ordained priests.  Your gift ensures we can provide training for these men responding to Christ’s call to dedicate their lives to serve God’s people.  Please be as generous as you can.  Please also pray for vocations and for all our priests.  If you do not have a donation envelope, plenty are still available at the back of the church.  You can use the QR code to make your donation online or visit  Thank you for your generosity.


Offertory Envelopes

The offertory envelopes for the year commencing 7th April 2024 are now available for collection in the church porch. Please note: as from 7th April 2024, please do not use last year’s envelopes. Should you require a box of envelopes, please see Marie Gilgan after the Sunday Masses.  Many thanks.


St Mary’s Finance Committee & Parish Council

Fr Peter writes: “The Finance Committee and the Parish Council are two groups which advise the Parish Priest. The Finance Committee has “canonical status” which means every parish is required to have one. St Mary’s Finance Committee comprises of 6 parishioners with financial or business backgrounds. They help to navigate the financial complexities of running a parish which includes a constant oversight of its income and expenditure. The Parish Council is at the invitation of the Parish Priest (it has no canonicalstatus) and is there to advise and help the PP with events and the spiritual and pastoral life of the parish. Our present PC comprises 9 parishioners.

The Parish Council met last week and one of its action points was to recommend that the church is open and accessible during the week. (This will happen after I return from Assisi.)  Another action point was to nominate Lisa Ram as a point of contact to discuss “youth events” and John Coleby to explore adult learning courses for Catholics wishing to learn more about their faith. More details of the PC meeting will be in next week’s newsletter.



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