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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) 26th July 2020


Sun 26th July

10 am (Not Public streamed only) People of the Parish

11.30 am Phillip McGovern, anniversary

Mon 27th July Feria

7pm John Harrington, anniversary

Tues 28th July Feria

10 am John Conroy, anniversary

Weds 29th July No Mass

Thurs 30th July St Peter Chrysologus, Bishop and Doctor

7pm Marie Jeanne and family, intentions

Fri 31st July St Ignatius of Loyola, Priest

10 am Pauline Ellul and Sylvia Pellegrini, RIP

Sat 1st Aug St Alphonsus Liguori, Bishop and Doctor

5pm Yvonne Merola, intentions

Sun 2nd Aug 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11:30am People of the Parish

Please pray for the sick and those who care for them, today especially for the frail elderly and for those who work as carers.

The return of Public Mass:

Fr Peter writes: Every weekday Mass will now serve as a Sunday:

Here are the safeguards:

 Please do not come to Mass if you are in the vulnerable category and shielding at home.

 Please do not come to Mass if you are feeling unwell.

 Social distancing guidelines mean that St Mary’s can accommodate 60 parishioners at each Mass. I have tried to give as many alternative Mass times during the week to spread out our normal Sunday congregation. Remember – any Mass will serve as a Sunday.

 It is most important that we can track and trace everyone who comes to Mass should the need arise, and also that we can comply with the restrictions that apply to our numbers. Therefore, you must inform us 24 hours beforehand if you are planning on coming to a particular Mass. You cannot just turn up on the spur of the moment. Please phone (07592 183178) or call into the Parish Office. We will need your name, phone number, names of those attending, and the Mass you wish to attend. If you have not supplied these details beforehand, you will not be able to attend the Mass.

 Please remember to alcohol gel your hands when you enter and leave the church.

 You must leave two seats empty between you or your family group and the next parishioner.

 Offertory money can now be deposited in baskets as you enter the porch.

 For the time being, private prayer in the Church is suspended.

 Please note – you can now come to Mass more than once a week – but you must continue to book your attendance 24 hours in advance.

The Foodbank:

Fr Peter writes: The Foodbank would be very grateful to receive any cotton sheets or curtains to make into facemasks for clients. Medical facemasks (the disposable kind) are expensive to buy and last for a limited period of time. The Foodbank would also be grateful if anyone can donate heavy duty fabric shopping bags. The Foodbank wants to issue each client with a re-usable stronger bag to enable them to get a few days food home. Thank you for all your donations. Our client list continues to rise each week – and we are blessed with wonderful volunteers.

The 10am Streamed Sunday Mass:

Fr Peter writes: This 10am Sunday Mass is the last for three weekends, while I take some leave. The next streamed Sunday Mass will be at 10am on Sunday 23rd August.

Children’s Liturgy:

Holly will be taking a much earned break during August, so the next streamed 9am Children’s liturgy will take place at the beginning of September.

Mass in your Garden:

Fr Peter writes: This initiative is only for those who are shielding at home and cannot come to Mass at St Mary’s. While the weather is good, I would be delighted to come and celebrate Mass in your garden for you and some of your Catholic neighbours if your garden can be accessed without going through your house. If you would like to accept this invitation – please call either myself or Yvonne on the parish number and we can negotiate a time. You should have a table (to serve as an altar) and some garden chairs (or guests can bring their own).


Fr Peter writes: I could still do with a few more stewards to help with public Mass – particularly on Friday’s during August. The more we have in church – the easier it will be welcoming, seating parishioners and cleaning afterwards. Please take a look at the Mass times and see if you would like to be a steward. You must be under 70 and in good health.

First Holy Communion Parents:

Fr Peter writes: Before the summer break I would like to meet with you and discuss some ideas how to celebrate your child’s First Holy Communion. I suspect the pandemic will continue into the winter and it may be good to use the end of the good weather in the autumn if we can think creatively. Holly will be in touch with a Zoom Meeting invite this week for Tuesday at 7pm.

Masks at Mass:

It is now strongly advised that parishioners wear masks or face coverings when attending Mass. The priest is not required to follow this protocol. Masks should not cover eyes and ears – but mouth and nose. Children under 11 are not required to wear masks.


Fr Peter writes: Apparently spiders are a sign of good luck and indicate a healthy environment. St Mary’s must have an army of spiders according to the amount of webs inside and outside the church. If ever you have a bit of time on your hands and possess a feather duster, please come and scoop away webs which are on the outside of the church. The webs inside are “Jurassic Park” size and will require ladders and trapeze artists.

The Sacristy and the left hand Side Chapel:

Fr Peter writes: A big thank you to a wonderful band of socially distanced volunteers who have helped sort out and clear the left hand side chapel and the vesting sacristy. My next intentions are to do the same with the flower sacristy and eventually the kitchens in the hall. If you have any left-over items in either place please come and collect them.

Baptisms, Sacrament of Marriage and Funerals.

Baptisms can now be organised and like Weddings: the maximum number permitted to attend is 30. For weddings, a simple nuptial mass may be celebrated.

Funerals: the maximum number permitted to attend is 30. A simple requiem mass may be celebrated.

Saturday Evening & Sunday Mass Intentions:

Fr Peter writes: Due to the change in timetable the streamed Sunday Mass at 10am will remain for the “People of the Parish”. The Saturday morning intention will now be transferred to the 5pm evening Mass and Wednesday’s intention will be celebrated on a Sunday. Please do make contact with either myself or Yvonne if this creates a problem.

The return of the Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Fr Peter writes: As of Monday, you can return to the Sacrament of Confession with certain safeguards:

Please do not come to confession if you are feeling unwell or shielding at home.

I will be available for confession Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 11am – 12 noon. Please come to the presbytery.

Due to social distancing and ventilation, I will either hear confessions in the presbytery garden or, if it is raining, in church.

Due to above practicalities, all confessions will be face to face.

Mass on the Radio:

Cardinal Vincent writes: “I have received messages expressing concern about those not on the internet and the lack of opportunities for them to follow the celebration of Mass. One tenacious correspondent has found out that regular celebrations of Mass broadcast by RTE Radio are accessible here on a standard radio, on 252 Long Wave. Please tell those who receive the information to share it verbally with any people who, through lack of internet links, would otherwise not receive it. I understand that the full quota of Holy Week ceremonies will be broadcast on RTE. More detail is available from”

Being St Mary’s Parish - Staying in touch - Registration & Parish Census:

Fr Peter writes: It is very important that I am able to keep in touch with you. The shepherd needs his flock. Please update your parish details using the parish census sheet and return to me hand delivered via a volunteer who can come to the presbytery. It is so important that we stay in touch with each other. I will endeavour to send out a weekly newsletter to those without computers. If you are receiving post from us but have an e mail address, please let us know your e mail address. I will also use the live streamed Masses to convey notices.


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