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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) 21st June 2020


Sun 21st June -10 am People of the Parish Mon 22nd June -10am St John Fisher, Bishop and Thomas More, Martyrs Stella and Ken Wilson, anniversary

Tues 23rd June - 10am St Etheldreda, Virgin Tony Martin, RIP

Weds 24th June - 10am The Nativity of St John the Baptist, Kathleen Walsh, RIP

Thurs 25th June - Feria 10 am Sean Patrick Harford and William Joseph Harford, RIP Fri 26th June - Feria 10 am John Rowe, RIP

Sat 27th June - St John Southworth, Priest and Martyr Stephen Brohan, anniversary

Please pray for the sick and those who care for them, today especially for the frail elderly and for those who work as carers.

An alternative way to give your offertory collection: Our new “Just Giving Money Page” operated by Virgin. The link is A big thank you to everyone who has contributed and who continue to do so. Last weekend The Virgin Money Giving Page had £172:75 worth of pledges for the offertory collection.. Baptisms, & the Sacrament of Marriage. Fr Peter writes: Sadly baptisms and the Sacrament of Matrimony will be deferred until such time that the public health advice is that congregations can gather safely. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated in memoriam when we are allowed to gather. We must keep in prayerful solidarity those who are grieving the loss of a loved one at this difficult time and offer as much support as we can. Saturday Evening & Sunday Mass Intentions: Fr Peter writes: As public Masses cannot be celebrated at this time, it is generally no longer appropriate for priests to celebrate Mass more than once a day, including on Sundays. This will mean that all Saturday evening and Sunday Masses which were to be celebrated for a special intention will now not be celebrated. Instead I will celebrate one Sunday Mass at 10am for the “People of the Parish”. If you have arranged for an intention for a Sunday Mass, I will defer this to the first available weekday Mass. I totally understand your disappointment, and if you would prefer to send your Mass intention to a missionary or enclosed community, let me know and I will arrange a refund. Do not forget: Fr Peter writes: Even though you cannot come to church, I can still light a candle for your intentions. If you would like me to place a lighted candle underneath the statue of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady or St Anthony, please give me a call, or leave a message, and I will do so before the daily 10am Mass. Being St Mary’s Parish - Staying in touch - Registration & Parish Census: Fr Peter writes: It is very important that I am able to keep in touch with you. The shepherd needs his flock. Please update your parish details using the parish census sheet and return to me hand delivered via a volunteer who can come to the presbytery. It is so important that we stay in touch with each other. I will endeavour to send out a weekly newsletter to those without computers. If you are receiving post from us but have an e mail address, please let us know your e mail address. I will also use the live streamed Masses to convey notices. UK Mutual Aid We connect volunteers to those needing assistance while self-isolating during covid19.To request help leave us a message: 020 31 377 488. We have volunteers in Barnet. We are good at Picking up Shopping • Sending Post or providing useful information • or just a friendly chat. St Mary’s is Open for Private Prayer:

Fr Peter writes: St Mary’s is open for private prayer – on Tuesday: 11am – 1pm and Thursday: 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It was so lovely to see familiar faces return to pray in our beautiful church. This chance may not suit everyone, particularly those shielding at home – but we can all continue to pray for each other – where we live or in church. If you are planning to come to church, it is so important that you follow the guidelines listed below.

-You must not come to church if you are feeling unwell.

-Due to social distancing – the guidelines stipulate that St Mary’s can only contain 50 or so people at any one time: if the church reaches its maximum number, the stewards will ask you to wait outside until those inside leave. 

-Everyone must use alcohol hand gel when entering and leaving St Mary’s, 

-All toilets must remain closed, 

-Social distancing means every other pew is closed and only end seats are available for use, 

-After leaving a pew, the seat will be cleaned before someone else sits there. 

-There is only one direction of flow – so you enter via the main doors and must leave the church by the side exits, 

-Statues must not be touched. 

-Please do not leave any personal belongings – this includes novena prayers. 

-Stewards will be in church while it is open for prayer. 

Mass will continue to be said without parishioners present.

Stewards Needed: As referred to, the church still needs “stewards” while these measures are in place – and due to Covid 19 diocesan requirements – the church can only be open, if stewards are present. Stewards must be in good health and ideally under 70 years of age. They would be required to direct people into church, ensure social distance guidelines are respected and clean a pew seat once someone has left. The more stewards we have, the more times the church can be left open. If you can help, please let me know.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations to May Brennan who celebrated her 90th Birthday on Tuesday. She had an impromptu street party – which was well deserved!

Some additions: Fr Peter writes: As well as the evidence of our prayers behind the altar, I have also introduced a sanctuary lamp near the tabernacle. There is a permanent electric light above the tabernacle, but the addition of a candle flame can remind us of Christ’s warmth, life and encouragement during these difficult months.

Non Eucharistic Funerals now allowed in St Mary’s: Fr Peter writes: This welcome piece of news was received last night. As with all gatherings, mourners are restricted to 9 or 10. A funeral service is allowed but not with Mass. As with the opening of St Mary’s for Private Prayer I will need volunteers (under 70 and in good health) to help clean pews after a funeral. I know you will sign up to help those recently bereaved.

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