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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - 14th November 2021


Sun 14th Nov

8.30 am​ -Teresa McGovern, anniversary

10 am​ -Holy Souls – Remembrance Sunday

12 noon​ -A private intention

Mon 15th Nov​- Feria

10 am​ -People of the Parish


Tues 16th Nov​ - St Edmund of Abingdon, Bishop

10 am​​​ -Molly Donnelly, anniversary

Weds 17th Nov


Thurs 18th Nov​ -Dedication of the Basilicas of SS Peter and Paul.

7 pm​​​ -Donato Merola, RIP


Fri 19th Nov -Feria

10 am​ -Christopher McCarthy, RIP

Sat 20th Nov​​ a Feast of Christ the King

10am – 11am; 4:30pm – 5pm: Confessions and Exposition

5 pm -Holy Souls

Please pray for the sick and those who care for them, today especially for the frail elderly and for those who work as carers

Please do not forget, Sunday Obligation resumes 27th/ 28th November

Your Prayers:

Let us keep in our prayers: Frank McBride, Kathleen Lancaster, Denis Leenane, John O’Shea, Rekha, Bina, Gale Yates, Jose Luis Pérez, Alice, Michael O Boy, Lilian Murphy, Karina McKiernan and Izabela Lissowska – all unwell at this time. We also pray for Sr. Angela, Owen Gallagher, Peter Sartori, , Arthur Palmer, Noel Ryan,Donato Merola, Aurora Lobo–Buckland, Larry Tuohy, Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Monica Thomson who have all died recently. May they Rest in Peace.

Collection for Sick and Retired Priests

There is still time to donate to the collection for Sick and Retired Priests. Please give generously using the envelopes in the church. You can also donate online at - the envelopes at posters feature a ‘QR Code’ that you can scan with a phone camera to give online, reducing the risk to everyone of handling cash. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Christmas Fair – 28 November 11 am – 3 pm

The carol singers, fiddle players, bakers, knitters and craft makers have been busy preparing for our Christmas Fair so please save the date and join us for a festive filled afternoon. Thanks so much to those who have volunteered and donated. We still need more. Please take home a flyer and stick on your fridge as a reminder of what to bring. Please also take home Father Peter and Holly’s personally designed flyers and posters to pop through your neighbours’ letterboxes and place in your front windows to promote our Christmas Fair. Thank you. There will be a Christmas Fair planning meeting in the big hall today, 14th November after the 10 am Mass. All are welcome. Email:

Calling All Carol Singers

Please join Claire and Liz next Sunday, 21st November, after the 10 am Mass for our final Christmas carol singing rehearsal.

Raffle Tickets

Look out for raffle ticket after Mass (tickets cost £1 each).Cash prizes and more!

St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School Open Day for Reception Class 2022

Prospective pupils due to start Reception Class in September 2022 are warmly welcome to go along to the school’s open day on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 9am, 1.30 pm or 7 pm. Please call the school office for further information on 0208 346 8826.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Applications for Reception and Nursery

Applications are invited for the Reception Class for September 2022 - this is for children born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018. The deadline to return this to the school office is 15th January 2022. The forms are available to download on the school website. Please also be advised that you must also complete a CAF (Common Application Form) from Barnet - the on-line system is already open.

Applications are invited for the Nursery for the Academic Year starting September 2022. This is for children born between 1st April 2019 and 31st March 2020. The deadline to return this to the school office is 31st January 2022. Please contact the office or visit the school website for an application pack.

The Synodal Church:

Fr Peter writes: “Next weekend I will distribute a St Mary’s multiple choice questionnaire based on material about the Synodal Church. We will have a meeting (much like the Parish “In Council”) at 7:30pm on Monday 22nd November to discuss questions and answers.”

Cop 26 Walk

A very Happy Feet “Thank you” to the Confirmation Group and everyone who walked from St Mary’s to the Cathedral last Sunday. We had quizzes, conversation, and prayer. We completed the walk in just less than 4 hours.

Red Missio Boxes:

If you have a red Missio box that needs emptying, please leave it in the porch or hand into the sacristy. If you have not collected your Missio box since the pandemic, please see Fr Peter.

Thursday Evening Mass

From 2nd December the Thursday evening Mass will return to its pre-pandemic slot of 10am.

Advent Lectio Divina

Fr Peter writes: “Starting 29th November at 7:30pm I will host 4 consecutive “Lectio Divina Zooms” on Monday’s during Advent. A Lectio Divina includes a short period of prayer followed by discussion about a Gospel reading. Our Gospels will be those for each Sunday of Advent (Year C – in the lectionary). Please email if you would be interested

Please do not forget, Sunday Obligation resumes 27th/ 28th November

Offertory Collection

Fr Peter writes: “The offertory collection in church for week ending 7th November 2021 - £882.50. Allcontributions, every penny, is greatly received and I am very grateful for your continued support at this difficult time. Please do not forget, that arranging a standing order is the easiest way to support St Mary’s.


You may have already heard that Virgin Money Giving – the online donation platform used throughout the diocese – is to close in November 2021. While the diocese is working towards alternative online donation systems, we thought it wise to make everyone aware of what this situation means for St Mary’s East Finchley.

What does this mean for you?

During the pandemic, on line giving has become increasingly important for many parishes. At St Mary’s, we are fortunate to receive many one-off donations online. Some people have also generously set up recurring monthly donations via Virgin Money Giving to support the parish during COVID-19. From 30th November, these monthly donations will be cancelled automatically by Virgin Money Giving.

If you are someone who makes an occasional or regular donation online, you may now be wondering how you can continue supporting the parish. The Diocese will be setting up new online giving tools but this will take a little time to arrange. But before that happens, it is worth remembering that the best way to support the parish is by standing order.

Giving by Standing Order

Regular giving is the financial bedrock of the parish. It also costs the parish less to manage than online giving so your money goes further. If you would like to support the parish, we would ask you to consider setting up a regular donation in this way. If you would like to know more about standing orders, please contact Yvonne Merola, Parish Administrator on 0208 883 4234. Naturally, we will be happy to help you with this process.

Thank You

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has continued supporting St Mary’s during the pandemic. Thank you for your ongoing support of our parish at this difficult time. I pray that you keep well and your faith remains strong.

Fr Peter.


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