What have you to say about yourself? (John 1.22)

Today's gospel has two simple sentences that we could meditate on richly. The first one is: What have you to say about yourself? (John 1.22) This was the question put to John the Baptist. Sooner or later it will be addressed to us. If you believe in Christ, then people will get to hear about it. You may let slip the fact that you go to Mass. Or one Ash Wednesday you may forget to wash the mark off your forehead. Or you may ask not to work on Good Friday. Or people will note that your children go to a Catholic school. And the question put to John the Baptist will be put to you in some form or another. Why do you try to align your life in keeping with your belief in Christ? What diffe

Third Sunday of Advent (Year B) (Gaudete Sunday) 17th December 2017

Christmas Fair result Fr Terry enthuses: This might be the most successful Christmas Fair ever, in terms of the amount raised. It was a splendid result: at least £4100, which is £1000 more than the year before. Our thanks to all those who make this possible. Special thanks to the main organiser, Helen Doran. It took a lot of hard work by her but also organisational skill and careful preparation. On behalf of all the parish, our thanks to Helen and the many helping hands! Finally, the gain is not only material. There was a happy atmosphere on the day, many people came from round about, and it was a good example to them of our wonderful community. Break-in at the hall Unfortunately we had a br

Hidden Saints

‘I am not fit to undo the strap of sandals’ says John the Baptist of Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ. The goodness, the love, the integrity, in short the sheer holiness of Jesus makes John the Baptist feel unworthy. It might surprise you to know that priests sometimes have that John the Baptist moment. Let me explain. In every parish a priest finds hidden saints. People who care without murmur of complaint for loved ones with illnesses or disabilities that will never go away. People who despite their limited means reach out to others less fortunate to help them. People who have suffered great and cruel calamities, and yet who maintain an unshakeable faith. The hidden saints of each parish ta

Second Sunday of Advent (Year B) 10th December 2017

Anniversary Mass for Sergio and Luigi Castello There is a Funeral Mass place at the 10 am Mass on Monday 18th December. The anniversary Mass intention for Sergio and Luigi Castello has had to be moved to the 12 noon Mass on Sunday 17th December. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Funerals On Thursday 14th December at 10 am, we have the Funeral Mass for Stanislaw Dziadzio. On Friday 15th December at 10 am we have the Funeral Mass for Nuccio Santi. May they rest in peace. A huge thank you from the AYSANEW KASSA TRUST Jean Bailey and trustees of the Aysanew Kassa trust thank the many parishioners who have helped the blind children and girls to complete their education in Azezo, Ethiopia


Each Advent we place ourselves in the position of people who are waiting for the coming of the Lord. When you think of it, it is a rather strange thing to do. After all, Christ has been among us in human flesh. God has been revealed in and through him. Moreover, Christ is with us still, not least in the sacraments and in the hearts of all believers. So why this season of waiting? First of all, waiting helps us to prepare. Imaging preparing for a much-loved visitor from overseas. You would plan special food, you might organise excursions, you would spring-clean the accommodation. In all of these things you would also be preparing psychologically. So, too, with Advent, as we await Chr

First Sunday of Advent (Year B) 3rd December 2017

First Holy Communion 2018 We look forward to meeting all parents on Monday 4th December at 8 pm in the parish centre. Please bring a photocopy of your child’s baptism certificate and the course contribution of £20 with you. Many thanks. Registration is now closed. Baptism Ask God’s blessing on Samuel James Bacarese-Hamilton who was baptised here yesterday Saturday 2nd December. Supporting Local Refugees: Eggs Please! Many thanks for your generous support for the local drop in centre for destitute refugees and asylum seekers. We will be taking your donations of hard-boiled eggs to the centre at 12 noon today. Contact: finchleyeastcat@rcdow.org.uk Nativity Play for Christmas Eve This year

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