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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 26.06.2022



Sun 26th  June

8.30 am​​​- Linda Fitzpatrick, RIP

10 am - ​​Hannah Lally, 7th anniversary

12 noon - Michael Harrison, anniversary      


Mon 27th  June - St John Southworth, Priest and Martyr

10 am - Stephen Brohan, anniversary      


Tues 28th  June - St Irenaeus, Bishop & Martyr

10 am - Nora Delaney, RIP        

Weds 29th June - SS Peter and Paul, Apostles

10 am​ - Eileen and David Scott, RIP

7.30 pm​ - People of the Parish

​               ​

Thurs 30th  June - Feria

10 am​ - James Meally, RIP

​                                           ​​

​Fri 1st July - Dedication of the Cathedral

10 am - Tony McColgan, RIP


 Sat 2nd July - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

5 pm - ​Nora Delaney, RIP

10am – 11am; 4:30pm – 5pm: Confessions and Exposition.


Your Prayers:

Let us keep in our prayers: Eric Nicholas Darwent,  Therese Kemp, Frank Kilbride, John O’Shea, Rekha, Bina, Gale Yates, Jose Luis Pérez, Alice, Michael O Boy, Lilian Murphy, Karina McKiernan, Izabela Lissowska and Florida Regina Karawgodage – all unwell at this time.

We also pray for: Gino Tomei, James Meally, Hugh Daniel Doherty, Peter Sartori, Noel Ryan, Donato Merola, Aurora Lobo–Buckland, Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Christine Pavlou, Tom Lohan, Siobhan Lynch, Dennis Lennane, Susan Wren, Geraldine Day, Catherine Kelly,Josephine Okuyiga, Erlinda McAviney, Betty Murray, William Comey, Jane Ikwueke, Monica O’Donnell and Eamonn Clifford whose anniversaries occur at this time or have died recently. May they Rest in Peace.


Eucharistic Minsters & Readers:

Fr Peter writes: “First of all, thank you for your kind and diligent service to St Mary’s and your support of me. To help renew our formation I have organised an afternoon of reflection and a chance to ask questions from 2pm – 5pm on Sunday 4th September at The Passage in Victoria. We can enjoy an informal tea together. As part of our reflection, we will be able to visit the Cathedral and view the relics of St Bernadette. A “sign up sheet” will appear in the church in the next few weeks.


The Relics of St Bernadette:

Fr Peter writes: “I would like to organise a parish trip to Westminster Cathedral to visit the relics of St Bernadette on Saturday 3rd September. As you know St Bernadette was the young Pyrenean French shepherdess who had visions of Our Lady in 1854. Her relics are on a worldwide tour and will be at the Cathedral for one weekend. We will have to use the Tube to reach Victoria, but we may also choose to visit another London landmark while we are there. Please put the date in your diary.”


Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Peter’s Italian Church

Annual Procession – Sunday 17th July 2022

The Annual Procession in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will once again take place on Sunday 17th July 2022 starting at 3.30 pm. There will also be a Sagra (a typical Italian Street Fete) with stalls selling food before and after the procession.  There will also be a walking group of children who have recently made their First Holy Communion dressed in their communion outfits.  Should any of our First Holy Communicants wish to participate, please meet inside St Peter’s Italian Church no later than 3 pm on the Sunday.  You can contact St Peter’s Italian Church on 0207 837 1528.


Save The Date – “Let Us Dream – the Sequel”

Fr Peter writes: “Last year we enjoyed three different presentations inspired by Pope Francis and his book “Let Us Dream”. This year there will be another three talks seeking to help us think and pray about the church of the future. Please save the evenings of Tuesday 19th July, Wednesady 20th July and Thursday 21st July to “Let Us Dream”.

The St Mary’s “House Blessing Postcard”: Putting a Blessing into Someone’s Home

Fr Peter writes: “These next few weekends will concentrate our minds on the gifts that God provides, particularly the Eucharist. We are all ambassadors and apostles for Christ, and I would be very grateful if you could take a few “house blessing postcards” from church and drop one through the letterbox of someone you feel has stopped coming to St Mary’s. Better still….organise a few households so that I can come and bless yours and their homes in one evening. This will give me a chance to meet, answer questions and hopefully put minds at rest.


Mensa Christi:

Thank you to those who came to last Tuesday’s presentations about Our Lady. The next Mensa Christi session will be at 7:15pm on Tuesday 5th July and we will gather to discuss the “Our Father.” This might seem a straight forward prayer, but it has many riches hidden within its familiar words.


The Church Porch:

Fr Peter writes: “From Tuesday and therafter, every Tuesday and Thursday, the church porch will be open for prayer from 10:30am to 3pm. For safety reasons, no votive candles will be available.”


Sing a New Song!

Helen (our wonderful organist) has written three songs in honour of Blessed Carlo Acutis. They need singing (and recording on video). A first practice will be on Tuesday 26th July at 2pm in the church – followed by cake! All ages welcome.  


Holy Day of Obligation Alert.

Fr Peter writes: “On Wednesday the Church celebrates a Holy Day of Obligation in honour of St Peter & St Paul. There will be two Masses at 10am and 7:30pm. There will also be a school Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes at 1:30pm.

Peter and Paul were polar opposites, but shared in being Apostles and both saw the resurrected Christ. Both, in their separate ways were unlikely material to be Apostles, but each was chosen and commissioned. Wednesday is an opportunity to pray for the mission of the Church, but also to acknowledge that we are all worthy to be called. Like Peter and Paul, we may not think we are the “correct material”, but it is God who does the choosing, and God never makes a wrong decision. It will be good to see you on Wednesday.”


Lectio Divina:

The St Mary’s “Lectio Divina” zoom has resumed on Mondays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Please email Fr Peter if you want to be part of the “Lectio Zoom Team”.


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