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Half Term Poems

Our Incensed youth group competed against each other in a half term Olympiad today. Their poems were so beautiful, we'd like to share them with you.


Be thankful St Mary's

For the great Father Terry

He gives us joy

makes us merry

Sandra Lipner helpful for the youth

Altar servers learn the truth

The truth about God

The truth about good

A community parish

Together as One

Be collective

But still having fun

Incensed is where we are

Being resourceful

And travelling afar

Having fun

Games and laughter

St Mary's - who we are


Father Terry

A priest of St Mary's

There for us all the time

Happy times

Every Sunday you make our day

Respect what he teaches


Every Sunday for

Religious times

Respond to our calls for help

You are responsible for your faith


St Mary's

A wonderful church

It is where you praise God

Where we listen to the Word of God

Our wonderful priest

Father Terry

He is excellent

And very merry

He binds the community together

He's always there despite the weather

We thank you, God

For Father Terry

We hope he gives us

A lot of berries


Thanks to Nathan, Timothy, Lloyd, Joshua, Michael, Aaron, Shermia, Jasmine, Oscar, Erin, Reuben, Lawrence, Lance and Abi for their rhymes!

Wishing you a happy half term,

Sandra, Kristy + Cathy

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