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Saints Names for Confirmation


My saint's name is Anthony. I chose this name because, despite enduring many hardships, St Anthony continued with just as strong a faith.


My saint's name is Veronica. I chose this name because she helped people no matter the consequence. She did this because of how much love she had in her heart and how kind she was.


My saint's name is Christina. I chose this name because St Christina was a faithful woman who stuck with her faith throughout everything.


My saint's name is Alban. I chose this name because St Alban died for his faith, and this shows me that you should always be brave and stand up for your religion.


My saint's name is Francis. I chose this name because St Francis cared for everyone in the world with all his love, and I want to show my love to the world.


My saint's name is Elizabeth Ann Seton. I chose this name because St Elizabeth Ann Seton was very kind to others and helped a lot of people. She set up charities for people who needed them, and she helped to teach children who didn't have the privilege to learn.


My saint's name is Marina. I chose this name because even at a young age St Marina managed to overcome expectations of a traditional woman during that time by fighting a dragon. With her help, maybe I can do something no-one would expect of me.


Catriona chose the saint's name Joan of Arc. St Joan of Arc was a brave woman who operated within a religious tradition that believed a person of any background

could receive a divine calling.


April chose the saint's name Lucy. The Church recognises St Lucy's courage in defense of the faith.

May God be always near you, dear confirmandi, and bless you on your Confirmation day and throughout your lives. Many congratulations on your special day!

May your chosen saints pray for us all.

With love,


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