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Second Sunday of Lent (Year A) 8th March 2020


Sat 7th Mar

6.00 pm Vigil Maisie Craig, RIP

Sun 8th Mar

8.30 am Jean Cunningham, RIP

10 am Liz Keatley, intentions

12 noon People of the Parish

Mon 9th Mar Lent feria

10 am Funeral Mass for Edmund Grala

7.30 pm Mass for the Bereaved

Tues 10th Mar Lent feria

10 am May Brennan, intentions

Weds 11th Mar Lent feria

10 am Patsy De Souza, anniversary

Thurs 12th Mar Lent feria

10 am Margaret Doyle, RIP

Fri 13th Mar Lent feria

10 am Jack Smith, RIP

10.30 am Stations of the Cross

Sat 14th Mar Lent feria

10 am Maybin family, intentions

Confession: Saturday 10.30 am and 5.30 pm

Exposition & Benediction: Thurs. 10.30-10.45 am & Sat. 5.30-5.55 pm

Please pray for the sick and those who care for them, today especially for the frail elderly and for those who work as carers.

Parish Collection: Last week’s collection came to £ 1089.14 – Thank you.


We welcome Joseph who was baptised into our Catholic community of St Mary’s last Saturday.


Our Youth Group, Incensed, will meet again on Sunday, 29th March after the 10am Mass in the meeting room

Society of African Missions:

Next weekend we will be joined by Fr Henry Somah who will lead us in an appeal for the Society of African Missions.

Coronavirus news:

Fr Peter writes: In keeping with coronavirus diocesan guidelines (issued to all parishes), I have to withdraw the chalice and Holy Communion will only be given in the hand. Instead of a handshake at the sign of peace, please smile and bow to your neighbour. I have also removed the holy water (an old practice of lent we can take advantage of). Hymn books and missalettes have also been withdrawn. Please remember to use the alcohol gel dispensers when entering and leaving the church. Please do not apply to damaged or sensitive skin. Please remember to keep gel dispensers away from candles. Finally please take this newsletter home – do not return to the back of the church.

Congratulations to:

Blake ,Ruth, Noah, Alexa, Daniel, Séamus, Eric, Billy, Ava, Leo, Natalie, Tommy, Molly, Jack, Margarita, Kia, Jeanay, Aiden, Kristina, Danilo, Siobheal, Pavel, Freddie, Kai, Christian, Charlie, Thristian, Alicja, Amelia, Tiana, Harry, & Sharnell who made their First Reconciliations yesterday! A big thank you to Holly and her team of Catechists who prepared them for this important sacrament.

Safeguarding Reminders:

Please ensure your child is accompanied by a parent when using the toilet in the church porch and keep a watch on them when they are playing outside the hall.

CAFOD – Second Collection

This weekend after every Mass there will be a second collection for CAFOD. Envelopes are at the back of church for you and if you are a tax payer, please remember to complete the gift aid application on the envelope. This year’s campaign focuses on those who provide charitable medical support to the poor and vulnerable in Zimbabwe.

Stations of the Cross:

Fr Peter writes: If you cannot go on a pilgrimage this year, why not come to Church on Friday at 10.30 am and pray the Stations of the Cross.

Mass for the Bereaved:

As one of our special Lent events there will be a Mass for those Bereaved on Monday evening at 7:30pm. Of course everyone is welcome, but the focus of this special Mass will be to support those who are grieving the death of a loved one.

Anxiety workshop:

On Tuesday at 7:30pm in the hall there will be another “Pop Up Workshop” for parents on Anxiety. The guest speaker is Nicola Cheverall from “Healthy Mind Practice”. To book a place please email

Donations welcome on attendance.

Film “Outside the City”:

The above film will be at the Phoenix on Wednesday at 8:30pm. It is about the monks at St Bernard Abbey. The director will be available after the film for a Q&A session.

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