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Easter Sunday of The Resurrection (Year A) 12th April 2020


Sun 12th Apr

10 am People of the Parish

Mon 13th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Kathleen Walsh, RIP

Tues 14th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Ifeoma Ejikeme, special intentions and thanksgiving

Weds 15th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Toby and Michelle Ikwueke, special intentions and thanksgiving

Thurs 16th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Chinedu Onuchukwu, special intentions and thanksgiving

Fri 17th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Chizoba Ikwueke, special intentions and thanksgiving

Sat 18th Apr Within the Octave of Easter

10 am Cecilia and Samuel Ogbogu and family, special intentions and thanksgiving

Sunday Offertory Collection:

Fr Peter writes: For those of you at home who are self-isolating, I would prefer you suspend your offertory collection until we are all able to return to St Mary’s. I also do not want to add any financial burden to those who are finding these weeks of “lockdown” worrying. I am sure, once we are all together – we will work a way forward. To those who have been dropping in envelopes – I am very grateful but please do not make it a priority at this time – stay inside, and stay safe. I have only been at St Mary’s a short time, but have been able to observe a resourceful and imaginative parish – I am sure we can rely on those gifts once we gather together in Church.

The Cardinal:

You might like to know that the Cardinal will be interviewed by various BBC Radio stations on Easter Sunday:

BBC Radio 2 at 7.30am

Sunday Service on BBC Local Radio stations at 8am

BBC Radio London 9.30am

BBC Radio 4 The World This Weekend at 1pm


Fr Peter writes: A very big thank you to everyone donating food or money for the Finchley Foodbank. So far, with the care and resourcefulness of the management group and volunteers, it has been able to remain open. Our priority is now food – so rather than money, we would be grateful for cartons of UHT milk, tins of meat, fish, fruit, custard, rice pudding, vegetables, or tomatoes. Packets of pasta, pulses cereal, tea, biscuits or soap. If you able to spare any of these items please hand them in to me at the presbytery.

Prayers & Intentions:

Fr Peter writes: Although you do not have access to the Church, I am very happy to light a candle for or put your intention or petition on the wooden panels very near to the Tabernacle. Either email or give me a call and I will take note of what you wish me to do.


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