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6th Sunday of Easter – 22nd May 2022


Sun 22nd May

8.30 am​​ - Sister Felicity, RIP ​​

10 am - For the First Holy Communion children

12 noon - For the First Holy Communion children

Mon 23rd May- Easter Feria

10 am - Sister Felicity, RIP


Tues 24th May - Easter Feria

10 am - Tom Morrissey, RIP

Weds 25th May


Thurs 26th May -The Ascension of the Lord

10am - David Fyfield, intentions

7.30 pm - People of the Parish


Fri 27th May - St Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop

10 am - Holy Souls, RIP

Sat 28th May - 7th Sunday of Easter

5 pm - Giuseppe Amato, RIP

10am – 11am; 4:30pm – 5pm: Cnfessions and Exposition.

Your Prayers:

Let us keep in our prayers: Eric Nicholas Darwent, Therese Kemp, Frank Kilbride, John O’Shea, Rekha, Bina, Gale Yates, Jose Luis Pérez, Alice, Michael O Boy, Lilian Murphy, Karina McKiernan, Izabela Lissowska and Florida Regina Karawgodage – all unwell at this time.

We also pray for: Gino Tomei, James Meally, Hugh Daniel Doherty, Peter Sartori, Noel Ryan, Donato Merola, Aurora Lobo–Buckland, Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Christine Pavlou, Tom Lohan, Siobhan Lynch, Dennis Lennane, Susan Wren, Geraldine Day, Catherine Kelly, Erlinda McAviney, Betty Murray and William Comey whose anniversaries occur at this time or have diedrecently. May they Rest in Peace.


The offertory collection for week ending 15th May was £886.15. Many thanks. Please do not forget, that arranging a standing order is the easiest way to support St Mary’s.

First Holy Communions this Sunday

Some of our parish children will be making their First Holy Communion this Sunday at the 10 am and 12 noon Mass - so you may like to consider attending another this weekend – the 5 pm on Saturday or the 8.30 am on Sunday. Of course, you are most welcome to attend the 10 am or 12 noon Mass.

Congratulations & Blessings to…..

Edward Banh • Mattia Cristiani •

Albert Graham • Clara Harding • Henry Harding • Simon Lokonda Kalema • Lucas Seth• Lily Caddle • Ava Emeagi • Sophia Emeagi • Leona Mancebo Gabuat • Carine Gaffar • Kourtney Gyan • Keeley Hussey • George Maughan •Joseph McCarthy•

Dan McGovern • Aoibheann Murphy-Shorten

• Nathan Ogbechie • Georgia Shields

The Ascension of The Lord:

This Thursday is The Ascension of The Lord – a Holy Day of Obligation. There will be Mass at 10 am and an evening Mass at 7.30 pm.

Sunday Mass Times

After last weekend, our Sunday Mass times return to the normal times of the Vigil Mass on Saturdays at 5 pm, then 8.30 am, 10 am and 12 noon on Sundays.

Altar Servers – “Ahoy there me Hearties!”

Past and present altar servers are invited to an “adventure afternoon” on Sunday 26th June. Please keep the date. There will be more details and a sign up sheet over the next few weekends. The adventure will be on the high seas and Fr Peter might have to walk the plank.

The Outdoor Stations:

The Outdoor Stations have become the “Stations of the Resurrection” and have slightly changed positioning to reflect the days after the Lord’s Resurrection. The First station is now on the bank at the left-hand side of the church. They will remain in place until Pentecost.

Our 70th Celebrations:

Fr Peter: “Last Sunday’s 70th anniversary celebrations were wondeful. Thank you to those who put so much work into making it a great success. It was a St Mary’s “team effort”! We now begin a rather special platinum which will culminate in celebrating 70 years since the present church was conscecrated. Next year also marks 125 years since the parish of St Mary’s was established in East Finchley by Cardinal Vaughan. So….quite year!

“Mensa Christi” at St Mary’s:

Fr Peter: “As promised, beginning in June, there will be a chance to gather together to learn about, deepen and discuss our faith and what it means to be a Catholic. We will do this with food! Hence “Mensa Christi” – the table of the Lord. There might be something you have always wanted to ask, but there has never been the right time or place to do so. This now is your chance! The first talk and discussion will include a tour of St Mary’s church with an opportunity to look closer at features common to all Catholic churches. Have you ever wanted to turn the red light on above the confessional? Look closer at the altar? Discover the relics of Edward the Confessor. Ask about the origins of the priests vestments. The tour of St Mary’s followed by food and more discussion will happen at 7:15pm on Tuesday 7th June. To help us cater, either email put your name on the sign up sheet in the porch.

Lectio Divina:

The St Mary’s “Lectio Divina” zoom resumes on Monday from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. “Lectio” involves reading, reflecting and discussing the gospel passage used each Sunday at Mass. Please email Fr Peter if you want to be part of the “Lectio Zoom Team”.

Seniors Lunch and Dance

St Mary's SVP are pleased to announce that they are arranging a lunch for our parish seniors after 2 years of everyone coping with Covid and its aftermath. Our Lady of Lourdes school have invited us to use their wonderful facilities so it will be held on Sunday 29th May at 1pm. Billy Faughnan and Michael O'Hare will provide us with music to ensure that you all have a great time. Just ring the SVP number to book a place!

Finchley Foodbank:

Fr Peter writes: “With a rise in the cost of living, Finchley Foodbank has recently suffered a decrease in donations of both food and money. An appeal is going out asking for donations of “emergency food” supplies – that is: UHT milk, tinned tomatoes, tined meats, pasta, cereals, pasta sauces, baked beans, tea and coffee. If you are doing your supermarket shop and see any of these items in the low-cost range and can afford to donate them, we would be very grateful. Luxury items are great, but products in the “emergency food” range, as listed, are more useful. All donations must be “in date” and unopened”. With grateful thanks.


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