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Lenten Challenge: Old Testament Award

Welcome to Lent 2017 at St Mary’s. During Lent we spend time with God and learn more about Him. Here is a challenge for you that is going to take you deeper into your faith.

Every Sunday in church, we hear stories from the Bible. During children’s liturgy, we hear stories about the life of Jesus and we also know many Old Testament stories. We know who Adam and Eve were, we have heard the story of Noah and the flood many times. We know about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac. About Joseph and his multi-coloured coat.

How Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. And how Jonah got swallowed by a fish.

But do you know who Cain and Abel were? What names Isaac gave to his twin boys? Whom Esther married? Why Solomon is famous? And, most important of all, whom the prophets of the Old Testament were talking about when they predicted the coming of the Messiah?

Take our Old Testament Quiz and find out the answers to these questions and more. Download a copy of the quiz from our website and return your answers to Sandra by Easter Sunday, 16th April. Answer all 20 questions correctly to receive your St Mary’s Old Testament Award and have your name added to the Awards List in the parish centre. You will also be entered for a chance to win a beautiful book of biblical stories (children’s prize and adults’ prize available).

The questions are for children aged 5+, but the quiz is open to all people of our parish. Please state on your entry whether you are entering for the children's or the adults' prize.

Download our Old Testament Quiz for a chance to win a beautiful book of biblical stories and gain your St Mary's Old Testament Award.


This is the first of three challenges available this year. During Lent 2017 you can gain your St Mary’s Old Testament Award, then watch this space for a New Testament Challenge and a Sacraments Challenge.

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