'He took his wife to his home'

‘He took his wife to his home’ is how today’s gospel ends (Mt. 1.18-24) and what a wealth of meaning is found in these few short words. By taking Mary to his home, Joseph took under his roof the child she was carrying. He took into his home the Christ child, the Messiah, the Son of God. Yes, he had the assurance of the angelic message mediated through a dream, but he must have been bewildered by what was happening. How could what was happening fit within conventional understanding? Yet reaching deep within himself, Joseph found the resources to stand alongside Mary. Perhaps it was a sense of duty as well as some inner intuition. The gospel today hints at reluctance, because it takes the dr

Newsletter 4th Sunday of Advent (Year A)

Our visiting Dominican priest apologises for not being on Thursday evening. By way of amends he will now be in the confessional for anybody who wants to see him this coming Saturday 24th December, 10.30 – 11.30 am. Next newsletter weekend of 7th/8th January. Parish Collection Last week’s collection came to £ 862.10. Many thanks. Cards with times of Christmas services now available – take one home. Ministers of Communion and Readers We do not put readers and ministers on a rota for Christmas. Instead we rely on you to sign up. The sign up sheets are in the sacristy. Please go and sign up for a time that is convenient to you. Children’s Nativity Play for Christmas Eve A fantastic group of c

The One Who Is To Come

One of the sad ironies of the events surrounding Jesus was that no matter what he did, people remained sceptical. Supposing, for example, they wanted dramatic proof that he was the Messiah. Well, lepers are healed, the deaf begin to hear (and speak) and paralytics regain the full use of their limbs. Isn’t that dramatic enough? Yet many were not convinced. Nor did it make much difference to the sceptics if Jesus gave what we might call everyday proof. He spoke in words of wisdom and encouragement. He preached love, forgiveness and reconciliation. He brought hope to the poor, not least the wonderful news that God had no favourites but regarded all people with equal love, rich or poor, s

Parish Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Advent (Year A)

Cards with times of Christmas services now available – take one home. Funerals The Funeral Mass for Kathleen Connolly will be held at 11 am on Thursday 15th December here at St Mary’s. May she rest in peace. The late Mrs Connolly was not a parishioner here, but had requested that her funeral service take place in St Mary’s. There will be no 10 am Mass that day. Confession in preparation for Christmas In place of a penitential service this year we will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a visiting priest on Thursday 15th December. The visiting priest is a Dominican, Fr Leo Edgar OP. He and Fr Terry will be available 8-9 pm on that evening (and later if necessary). There will be a p

St John the Baptist

Almost everything about John the Baptist in today’s gospel (Matthew 3.1-12) emphasises his separation from the world. He does not wear ordinary clothes, preferring a rough coat spun out of camel-hair. He eats food from the land such as locusts and wild honey. Even so, it would be a mistake if we see John the Baptiser as someone who hated the world. He was in fact a great encourager of ordinary people. You can sense his sympathy for those who are bowed down, bullied, or oppressed. His separation from the world is not contempt for the world, but rather an attempt to make it clear that he rejects the values of society and calls on all who hear him to live by a higher standard. His whole l

Second Sunday of Advent (Year A)

Funerals The Funeral Mass for Doris Morris will be held at 10 am on Monday 5th December at 10 am here at St Mary’s. Also 5th December, the funeral service for Patrick Sullivan will be held at Marylebone Crematorium. There will be a funeral Mass for Bernadette Whitaker at 10 am on Tuesday 6th December. Nativity Set Exhibition 18th December Many families have a beloved nativity set. Sometimes these show us how to understand the Holy Family in the setting of another country or culture – and remind us that the infant Son of God comes to all people and all places. Do you have a nativity set? Would you like to display it for others to enjoy? If so we welcome you - to set up the nativity set on Sa

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